National Travel partners


National Travel Partners (NTP) is a privately held corporation with multiple offices around North America. Founded in 1999 NTP has evolved into a powerhouse in the travel industry. Over the years NTP has invested a large amount of time and capital in technology as well as B2B and B2C affiliation.  NTP has also forged strong relationships with multiple cariers, Cruise and Vacation affiliations as well as a well rounded hotel partnerships around the globe. NTP has always stuck to their core values of customer service and in today's climate the integration of Technology,Fulfillment and unbeatable pricing is what sets us apart. NTP has created a seamless admin and front end booking portals for both travel professionals and online booking clients we have also diversified our reach with multiple customer service centers in every time zone in order to assist our professional partners as well as our technology partners. With over 90 years of combined travel and tourism ex[erience from our founders NTP has positioned itself as a leader in today's complex travel industry.

Message from the CEO

"in today's volatile travel market place we have always stuck to our core values. Technology will always continue to evolve but customer service will need to be consistent. The clients are our business and we will always continue to promote and adhere to our award wining one on one customer service model"